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Lace thong under her lass dress
Lace dress is like underwear so I
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  • Fernelis, added 11 years ago
    This blog post interests me beusace, should the ban pass, the limits of the law will be brought into question.  How far can the government go before it is considered too far?  Where in France's Constitution does it state that the government has the power to tell its citizens what to wear and how to express themselves and their religious beliefs.  If wearing burqas makes these women feel comfortable, who is to tell them it is illegal?  To me, the mere consideration of this law is crossing the line.  It reminds me of past legislation banning forms of expression, for example when communist Czechoslovakia outlawed all rock music.  In this day and age, it's crazy to think that laws like this can still be thought up. One big problem I have is that, having watched the CNN video several times looking for a profound and legitimate reason for the ban, I have yet to find one.  As a student majoring in Public Relations, one of the first things we learn regarding crisis communication is to know EVERYTHING and know how to back yourself up.  Clearly the French politician who stated, "Burqas are not just an article of clothing, but a symbol that is incompatible with the French Republic," wasn't paying attention to his PR professor.  If this ban is approved, a crisis will surely ensue and he will need a much better reason for taking away these women's personal rights than that. Now if, for instance, individuals were committing crimes such as thefts or homicides while wearing burqas in order to conceal their identities, then I would agree that the French government has a reason to consider such legislation.  In this case, the safety of French citizens is at stake.  But this absurd scenario is not the current case and now these women are being discriminated against for unjustified reasons.Obviously all of us American citizens are biased, seeing as we've grown up in a country that, for the most part, encourages progressivism and openness to other cultures.  Our country has been a melting pot from the very beginning, so we cannot fathom a law like this even coming into question.  If this issue were to arise in the United States, which it technically would not unless the legislators spun the words of our Constitution in their direction, the public backlash would be immense. Although an alarming portion of France's population is in favor of the ban, 3 out of 5 according to the opinion poll, I hope those that believe in the basic rights of expression and pursuit of happiness will stand up for these women and disallow this ban to pass.  It would be a huge step backward for the French government and I believe it would lessen their credibility among the other powerful nations- there are much bigger issues occurring today both in and out of France that deserve the attention that is being focused on than this undeserving ban.

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